Google Cliff Notes on Creating Great Managers

We’re a big believer in not re-creating the wheel and learning from the best. If a company is successful in motivating workers and consistently hitting or exceeding financial targets through innovation and productivity, it must know what it’s doing in the talent department and we all can learn from it. Google Cliff Notes on Creating Great Managers

If you read Fortune’s Best 100 Companies to Work For, Google would certainly fit that bill. It was just listed as the #1 place to work for…the fourth year in a row!  According to Great Place to Work, which actually creates this survey, there is a focus or trend Google and the other companies pursued in 2012 to motivate their workforce:

Every year, we see the focus among the winners shift a bit as they anticipate and react to the changing world around them. This year, we saw list makers honing in on employee wellness programs, professional development, including a special emphasis on the development of leaders, and tackling the issues created by an increasingly mobile and global workforce.  Susan Lucas-Conwell,CEO Great Place to Work®

So, with that in mind, we thought you’d want Google’s 8 Point Guide for Creating a Better Boss.  Think of it as the Cliff Notes for management training.

What’s refreshing about this is that Google, which has some of the best and brightest engineers, doesn’t focus on those “hard skills” when it comes to creating good managers and leaders.  Just look at the Eight point plan to better manage.  All are “soft skills” or what we prefer to call “critical skills”.  Being a good coach is right there at the top. Communication skills or listening skills along with actively developing the careers of your team members make for a good manager.

And, of course, being a good manager is about knowing who to hire and hiring well. George Anders, author of “The Rare Find,” speaks in this video about how to find great talent. He says it’s important to look for “fast learners” and “resilience.” He was interviewed along with Google’s head of HR, Laszlo Boch, in this short video:

What do you believe makes a great manager? Please share your ideas or tell us about what your organization does to train or hire good managers.

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