How Leaders Can Create Positive Attitude

by Karlin Sloan

Employed people ages 25 to 54 spend an average of 8.8 hours working each day, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Because of this large time commitment, the workplace is much more than an office especially if the workload includes  late nights, early mornings and high stress levels.Create positive attitude through clarity

Being a leader that cares enough to create a positive work environment could make or break a group of employees and make or break your company.  Making your working environment as positive as possible for your employees will not only result in a happier employee, but a more productive office to boot.

Create clear expectations

Having clear expectations almost always results in positive attitude and positive outcomes, especially when the clear expectations are translated from the boss to employees. Employee engagement increases when employees can confidently say they know exactly what their boss wants and expects from them.  When they don’t know, they’re forced to guess and experience anxiety which results in bad feelings toward the work and leadership, not to mention lost productivity from mis-directed efforts.

Create a feeling of positivity

Misery loves company and can be as infectious as the common cold. High stress and anxiety creates tense feelings and bad morale can spread.

So, when leaders are clear and can provide real-time feedback (not micro-management), employees are free to work at their highest level which, in turn, will produce the highest results. The terrific feelings as a team and individual self-esteem will work hand-in-hand to make the office a much more positive, productive place.

Karlin SloanKarlin Sloan is an author, speaker, impassioned CEO and founder of leadership development firm, Karlin Sloan & Company providing organization development consulting, training and executive coaching to clients the U.S., South America and Asia.

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