How to Make Good Decisions in a Split Second

Just think if your reaction to events triggered an army of allies just waiting to help you make the smartest decision and best response in a split second? Would you want that? How valuable would that be to your career or home life in times of conflict or stress?

Sandra Ford Walston, the author of “STUCK::12 Steps Up the Leadership Ladder,” says the self reflection and determination to know your values and act on them strengthens our ability to make the right and, often, tough choices. 

Walston writes, “True courage comes from a place deep within each of us, not from synapses firing based on intellectual prowess, education, titles or credentials. Courage is much more than brains or mental capabilities, it is a discipline. Demonstrating courageous leadership at work and living a courageous life comes from an energy springing from an individual’s deepest values, motivation, and attitudes: the authentic self.power of courage at work

Courage-centering is the ability to call forth your everyday true Self to action—to lead from your heart and spirit. Claiming and displaying your courage at work and demonstrating courage-centering behaviors require you to invite your heart and spirit into your daily work life. It’s an approach and a focus (not a program) that keeps you vital. Courageous-centering in the workplace promotes an ability for you to:

  •  think on your feet;
  •  tackle issues as the facts happen;
  •  sponsor challenges to the status quo;
  •  endorse ‘courage change agents’;
  •  let go of condemnation and judgment;
  •  enhance innovation;
  •  remove indifference;
  •  instill courageous will;
  •  replace biased views with dispassionate statements; and
  •  escalate team dynamics to ‘step up’ to the next level.”

Sound like the traits of a leader?  We thought so. Here’s her full article on the power of being courageous at work.

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