Is Your Team Ready to Bolt?

Now is the time to create the environment that will foster leaders at all levels.

Introducing The Wisdom of Teams, a video training in a box featuring team building strategies from great team leaders such as Ben & Jerry, founders of the great ice-cream we’ve come to love, Bill Bradley, NBA star and former presidential candidate/ NJ Senator and other great leaders and entrepreneurs.  This video training backs up the points you’re making and adds credibility to your training with real-life world class successful leaders.

WisdomFive video segments teach the following key concepts:

     • Commitment to the Team (Dennis Conner)

     • Energizing the Team (Jack Welch)

     • Competition (Bill Bradley)

     • Consistency & Change (Steve Case)

     • Joy of Invention (Ben & Jerry)

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by Mike Rogers

One of the most difficult challenges of any leader is to create a work environment where people get along and feel safe gossip and team workfrom negative confrontation, backstabbing and gossip. I have had the opportunity to work with and develop many leaders and teams over the years; one of the great poisons to teamwork is gossip.

Several years ago I was brushing my teeth when one of my kids informed me that my two year old son had used the very toothbrush that I was using! That may not gross you out, but I am a germ freak of sorts. I immediately dropped the tainted toothbrush and threw it in the garbage.

That toothbrush would never be the same again.

Gossip does the same thing.


by Larry Lipman

I have another “F” word that might change your life.  It has mine.  I learned it from a 9-year old girl several years ago.

I was facilitating a team building session for an elementary school in Philadelphia, PA.  There were 300 kids, teachers, parents, and administrative folks packed into a gymnasium.  I lead them through several interactive, team building activities touching on trust, leadership, self-esteem, and success.

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