Effective Leadership Skills Video Trainings

Next Thursday is National Boss Day.

When we think of our boss, we think of what they can do for us. Can they get us the resources we need? Can they give us a raise? Will they lead by example? Do they communicate well?

The list is long.

But, if you’re a trainer or HR executive, you are acutely aware of the need for bosses – managers, supervisors, leaders – to have the resources they need to develop good management skills to lead their teams.

Usually, these managers are time-starved and pressed for results. So, a day long training or offsite is like pulling teeth….or happens next to never!

We’ve found highly produced leadership skills video trainings that are under 20 minutes engage their attention as well as boost retention of key concepts.  The topics can range from teaching respect, managing multiple generations, coaching for good behavior and a wide range of leadership skills. These video trainings come with all sorts of training materials so a trainer can explore a specific leadership concept with questions and activities in a classroom. Or, in most cases, the trainings are available as an E-Learning, giving the managers the flexibility to take the training on their own time.

One last tip, when National Boss Day rolls around, acknowledge your boss or thank him or her. You’d be surprised at how seldom that happens and how much it will be appreciated.

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