Resilience:Becoming Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Resilience is one those awesome traits we really don’t know we haveResilience:Becoming Comfortable with the Uncomfortable until we come face to face with it. That can happen from a life setback or business failure. Entrepreneurs actually accelerate their odds of facing it by putting themselves in a risky situation – launching a company or innovating a new product or service.

This personal leadership trait is actually being taught at Fordham University, according to Crains New York.

Failure is almost a rite of passage when it comes to entrepreneurship. You need to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.” Christine Janssen-Selvadurai, Fordham University’s new business incubator.

“Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable” is a skill all of us can use more of as the world changes and new opportunities and threats present themselves to us individually and to our organizations.

Here’s where resilience becomes a powerful trait. It comes from the alchemy of knowing what we want, taking responsibility for achieving it, taking a risk, facing a setback and embarrassment and finding another way to achieve our mission. It’s a muscle that gets stronger with practice and belief in ourselves.

Reid  Hoffman, who wrote The Start Up of You, and who has worked with some of the most successful entrepreneurs, says we all can re-invent our careers by investing in ourselves. Here’s a powerful video that explains the concept:

You can find that resilient trait in your next great talent through good hiring and interviewing skills. You can also develop your managers and leaders who might have risen through the ranks because they were so resilient. Now, it’s time for those up and coming leaders to tap into that burning drive or internal motivator of each team member.

Listening, providing coaching, finding stretch goals, giving autonomy are some of the ways your managers can motivate their teams. Are there any other tips you can provide?

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