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The “Corner Office” column in the New York Times is a rich resource for leadership advice. Usually, there’s a pearl of wisdom or two you can take and practice to become a better leader. This week’s column featured F. Mark Gumz, the president and C.E.O. of the Olympus Corporation of the Americas, who offered this advice on passion:

“The one characteristic that came through with all the really good teachers I’ve had is passion. It may be overlooked as a leadership quality, but I think it’s really important. You have to be passionate about what you’re trying to do, to the point that people will follow what you want to do. And I think that when we look at failure — because I think it’s important to talk about failed leadership, as well — it more than likely occurred because the individual didn’t have enough of a commitment that came through, that people would take the leap of faith and follow. I think fire in the belly is not something that can be overestimated. If people really feel convinced that something is possible, they’re going to try.”

Management Training video

Passion is a key leadership skill that business leaders like Body Shop founder Anita Roddick and Virgin’s Richard Branson have in spades. These two leaders are some of the many leaders who share their leadership skills in Success Television’s Key Leadership Skills Training video.

For example, Virgin’s Richard Branson has launched hundreds of businesses under the Virgin brand and many have failed.  Branson accepts failure as the byproduct on the way to success. In fact, in Success Television’s management training video on effective leadership skills, Branson says the key is to learn from the failure, refine you strategy and try again.  This is an important leadership trait at a time when so many managers are scared to death to take risks. Yet, their companies need to innovate and manage change.

The Key Leadership Skills Training video offers eight other successful leaders on leadership as well as a leader’s guide for trainers who want to jazz up their trainings with videos. It serves as a library of videos of successful leaders who provide a wise resource for managers who want to hone their leadership skills.

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