Six Key Leadership Skills


“If you’ve ever come in contact with a leader who has reached the final stage of  confidence, you may not remember it. The interaction may have left no impression on you. In fact, that wouldn’t be surprising because final-stage leaders are people who have crossed over from the impulse to impress to the impulse to bless.”Timothy R. Clark, author of “The Leadership Test, Will You Pass?”

Clark says, Final stage leaders have made peace with themselves. They have arrested Effective leadership skills dvd training their egos. That fact comes out most prominently in their language and communication. They are far less prone to engage in attention-getting behavior, self-promotion or flattery.”

Here is a highlight of a few of their leadership traits that we all could use: You can see the final stage leaders audiocomplete list here or listen to Timothy’s audio:

  1. They don’t need to hear themselves talk, so they don’t clamor for airtime. They finally stop telling the world how smart they are.
  2. They don’t subscribe to the leader-as-expert model in which the leader is the repository of all knowledge. As a result, they become more content to listen more and ask more questions rather than talk more and give more answers.
  3. They have learned that leadership often requires that we go for long periods and long distances without reward or recognition, that we toil in obscurity, and that due credit might come but it might not.
  4. Final-stage leaders learn to fuel their efforts through intrinsic rewards. They learn that achievement brings its own compensation.
  5. They correct others faster and with more candor, but their feedback is given in the spirit of real concern.
  6. They become more kind and yet more demanding at the same time. They delegate more with the understanding that people grow only when they leave their comfort zones and travel to their outer limits.

It’s a blessed day when a leader crosses the threshold to the final stage of confidence. How many traits do you possess?

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