Tribal Leadership: Are You Stuck?

In a recent conversation with the Chief Learning Officer at Vistage, I learned about Dave Logan, the author of Tribal Leadership.  I watched Logan’s entertaining video that explains his book and the five tribes or groups we belong to in our organizations:

Logan’s video is brilliant in that it humourously lays out the 5 levels or steps employees take as they become more empowered and powerful. Inherent in those steps is attitude, a key trait to our success.  Sometimes, we need to shift our attitude after evaluating whether our beliefs are true or hindering us. Are we excluding people unnecessarily or not taking risks based on an outdated way of thinking? Is our way of thinking serving us or sending out negative signals?

As a leader, we need to help employees tap their hidden motivators and get rid of what’s not working or standing in the way of their progress.  Videos of successful leaders have a way of illustrating this better than words. In Success Television’s soft skills training videos on attitude, Deepak Chopra actually talks about life meaning and success and how to find our own motivators of success.  There’s even a corporate training video about the “Unwritten Rules” that showcases the internal boundaries people have but don’t communicate so they act as a tripwire when we cross them… leaving us on the “outs” with that person. 

These leadership skills videos help us to become self-aware of our attitudes and better yet, show our employees how we all can move up the ladder of “life sucks” to a more empowered stance as Logan so humorously shows us in his video.

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