Using Videos of Successful Leaders to Jazz Up Your Trainings

We’re often asked about how our clients use our corporate training videos to teachcorporate training videos soft skills and leadership development. Often, trainers think they have to show a 20 – 30 minute long video, taking away precious time they need to facilitate a training and customize learning and motivation to the needs of their particular business.corporate training videos

Call it A.D.D., call it being too busy or impatient, but we don’t believe long videos are what our clients want. In fact, they’ve told us of the difficulty of getting managers in a room to focus on training when they have pressure to produce and the need to put out all too many fires. They need to provide shorter class room trainings or E-Learning pre-trainings.  Still they need to engage their audience and have them retain and act upon what they’ve learned.

As a result, we created online leadership videos that are short video clips showing a particular skill (leadership, communication, team building, attitude,etc.) and a real life successful leader who has used that skill to succeed. Who better to learn about risk and survival than from Richard Branson?  This jumpstarts the learning and adaption of skills as videos are a proven tool for boosting retention of information, which is what we trainers want. Right?

What better way to show managers the need to communicate and listen to their workers than to have Jack Welch, who led G.E. successfully for 20 years, explain what the role of a manager should be. As he put, “Your job as a leader is to go around with a pump and pump self-confidence into people so they fell six feet tall with hair.”  Welch goes on to say that he doesn’t believe in hierarchy because it squelches good ideas. He’s a big believer in walking around and talking to employees to hear the good or bad news first-hand. 

Intel’s co-founder, Andy Grove, who is featured in our change management videos says, “You need to make yourself available to those who want to talk to you, need to talk to you.” This is from a man who “listened” and successfully led his company through change and a great deal of risk by investing his company’s future in micro-chips well before the small computers that use them were ubiquitous.

These are just two examples of some of the successful leaders in the corporate training videos Success Television offers online or in a DVD format. When you have your next training and you want to engage your managers or leaders, consider the powerful impact of using video of real life successful leaders to back up your training.

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