Video stories, better for learning than charades

Do you sometimes feel like you’re playing charades when you’revideo stories to effectively train teaching? You’re hoping  participants get what you’re trying to teach. You talk, show a slide, ask questions and hope you narrow the gap for mis-communication. 

You could be teaching a leadership concept such as how to instill a positive workplace attitude or how managers can communicate more effectively to nurture and build high performing teams.  

You know the feeling when your participants experience E-G-O “Eyes glaze over,” from information overload.  Or, worse, your participants get a completely different message than the one you’re teaching. Or, they don’t recall your most important points. 

Doing a training without video is like playing charades.

What if you could reinforce your learning concepts by actually showing leadership skills in action. Better yet, show successful well-known leaders who show what good leadership…team building…communication.. is and how they’ve used these skills to succeed.

Leadership videos for training
Jack Welch video on leadership skills

Just a few examples of short videos that could back up a learning concept you’re teaching:

  • Women Polar Explorers on team and communication.
  • Richard Branson showing and discussing smart risk taking and the potential for failure.
  • Steve Case and how to communicate and manage employees expectations during rapid change.
  • Jack Welch on honest communication.

Think your participants will remember more?  According to the Navy Dept., they definitely will.  “When someone hears and sees, retention jumps to 50%. Delivering video online provides another benefit – interactivity and touch. Stimulating retention by combining interactivity has shown to increase retention to 70% and in some cases up to 90%.” US Naval Education & Training Command.

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