Video Trends for Learning Effective Leadership Skills

how to use video to train and learnVideo is a must-have in any training. It is the most effective and engaging way to actually show a particular skill. In the case of leadership or soft skills, you can use video to tell a story that backs up a learning concept you’re teaching.  

Because of shorter training times and the need to cover more material, our clients are using short video vignettes, 3-5 minutes, to back up a learning concept. For example, if you were teaching leadership skills and motivation, you might want to insert a five minute video on Sir Ernest Shackleton, the polar explorer who managed to save his entire crew after they were shipwrecked for nearly two years near the South Pole. Shackleton exemplifies great leadership skills: communication, motivation, vision during very tough times. Think those skills could help us in the tough times we’re facing now?

The format of these videos can fit any need. We find trainers want a DVD for in-class training so they are sure their will be no video delivery hiccups or an inadvertent YouTube mishap. Others want to stream a video from the Internet on their LMS or actually take possession of a video file. These work especially well when people are in different locations.

Because video is becoming so important, many HR folks are confused with the options. In fact, we know some HR folks who are asked to shoot their own videos! That is time consuming and a bit overwhelming to get right. A blurry or dark video can backfire and ruin your credibility, disengaging participants from what you’re teaching. The cost in wo/man hours to manage and in some cases, actually produce these videos on top of an already packed HR schedule, can be incredibly inefficient.

This is such an important topic that the Masie Center is teaching course on it next week. We’re proud that Success Television’s leadership videos will be featured.

Video for Learning
LAB & Seminar

July 18-20, 2011
Saratoga Springs, New York

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