Why Communication is The Most Important Role of a Leader

Mary Kay Ash put it really well when she coached her sales force on selling her products. She said (and we’re paraphrasing here),  when you’re telling someone about your company or products, ask, “Did I tell you about my products? Whether they said yes or no, she said, “Well, leadership clarity and the need for constant communicationlet me tell you.”

This advice bodes well for leaders as well.  Sounding like a “broken record” is a good thing. You can’t over communicate or repeat the vision and goals of your company. Not only does this help avoid needless wrong turns in decision-making, it also avoids the trap of bad ethics.

Lee Ellis, author of Leading with Honor writes, “Leaders need to clarify and actually over-communicate expectations. Otherwise some people will make their own assumptions and then it gets harder to hold them accountable. ” Read more on specifically how to  navigate the levels of clarity and communication.

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Speaking of communication, what if it were so simple as “going for the ask”?  In this video of Apple’s Steve Jobs, he explains why it’s so important to take risks and ask for help and why so few people do.  Watch the Steve Jobs video here.

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