Words Are Seldom Neutral

Words are the representations and symbols we use to see, think and process our perceptions of reality with others. Judith E. Glaser

Glaser, who has extensively studied the brain and how we Effective Communication skills to boost influencecommunicate, says “Conversations are the difference between trust and distrust, protection and innovation, exclusion and inclusion. Conversations are how we connect and communicate with others. Words are the representations and symbols we use to see, think and process our  perceptions of reality with others.

Yet few leaders understand how vital conversation is to the health and productivity of their culture. Unhealthy conversations are at the root of distrust, deceit, betrayal, and avoidance, which leads to lower productivity, innovation, and ultimately, lower success.

By understanding how language triggers different parts of the brain and stimulates certain habits and behaviors, leaders can develop their Conversational Intelligence to build healthier, more resilient organizations in the face of change.”  Read more for three ways to effectively communicate >>

Here are some good video trainings to boost communication and influencing skills are:

  • Please Respect My Generation explores the five generations in the workplace. Both managers and employees will gain insight and learn effective communication skills for dealing with diverse coworkers of different generations.
  • Diversity Face to Face shows how stereotypes and judgments can creep into conversations and actions. This training is an eye-opener and helps increase self-awareness, communication and respect.
  • Effective Communication Skills Video Library:  This is a video library of short videos on influencing and communication skills. You can use any of these videos to show effective communication or freshen up an existing training or create a new one.

All of these trainings are available for streaming and come with leader’s guides.

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