Build Opportunity Creating Behavior

Creating the Lucky Person’s Toolkit

When you achieve a clear sense of who you are and why you are here, you have taken the biggest step towards creating more luck in your life.

But if such clarity is the foundation, what is the structure of the lucky and successful life?

“Being a dreamer isn’t enough,” says Howard Schultz, CEO and founder of Starbucks. “If you want to achieve something in life, you need a different set of skills to set those dreams in motion. Once you cross the divide where your dream begins to take shape, you graduate from being a dreamer to being an entrepreneur.”  Read more about how to create more opportunity.

How to Up Your Success Quotient in Finding Future Leaders

Succession planning is a big priority for many organizations yet so many HR executives spend their time just putting out fires trying to quickly hire talent for a given job. Often, they’re interviewing future leaders by asking traditional interview questions, like the dreaded… “So, tell me about yourself.”

Or, they’re asking behavioral questions to suss out how a future leader will behave in a given scenario. But, what if you could ask better questions to find your next best courageous leader? Find them here.

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