Why You Need to Use Short Videos to Teach Soft Skills

DEAR ABBY: You give so much great advice, I’m wondering if there is a basic principle you abide by in order to help guide you when giving advice. — CURIOUS READER

DEAR CURIOUS: I hadn’t really thought about it, but I suppose it’s something like this: Show up for work ready to put forth my best effort. Be honest enough to admit that not everyone agrees with me or that I’m sometimes wrong. Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Don’t pull any punches, don’t preach and always try to be succinct.   Dear Abby

The benefit of video to teach soft skills

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The same could be said for how to train managers and employees.

But, what do you do when you’re actually trying to teach important critical skills or “soft skills”. They’re the hardest to teach. Many of the concepts are abstract. It can take a long time to explain how to be a good leader managing change or how to train your employees to have a positive attitude.

Short video clips available for streaming.

One way to efficiently bring these concepts to life and memory is through visualization. The brain remembers information in a video much more than it does text or the spoken word. Combine all of these together – video, text and the spoken word and retention levels soar to as much as 90% compared to 10% for text alone. Dept. of Navy study.

The other advantage to videos is that they can be short and still very effective. They’re great for telling a story…and we all remember a good story. Watching how a world-class leader successfully manages his or her team or personal dynamic issues is probably the best story telling there is. Couple this with the needs of adult learners who respond to training that is relevant, doesn’t interrupt work and self-directed.. and you have a sure winner.



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