How to Be a Good Boss Video Training DVD

“Follow any problem in business…bad service, missed deadlines, soggy fries…whatever. Everything is somebody’s job and everyone has a boss. Everything leads back to the boss.” Bruce Tulgan

Bruce Tulgan is the author of several management books, It’s Okay to Manage Your Boss and the recent best-seller, It’s Okay to Be the Boss, which is also now a management training DVD video.

While his major focus is on Gen Y managers, he says all managers can use the powerful technique of actively noticing to motivate peak performers and get rid of low performers:    

“Keep shining that bright light. While low performers squirm under bright light, high performers usually shine brightest under the bright light. They want to know that someone knows just how much great work they are doing. One Gen Yer told me, ‘My boss finally fired this kid. He looked at all of us like we were going to freak out on him. We were all bumping fists, high-fiving, and like, Yo, man! What took you so long to fire this kid? It was like, Okay, man, now you got my attention. Now maybe I can respect you.’”

How many times have you been in this situation?

In his It’s Okay to Be the Boss management training video, Tulgan addresses the 7 Myths of Management in an entertaining way.   The Myth of Fairness resonates if you’ve ever had a manager who believed that s/he had to treat everyone the same way. Tulgan says that doesn’t work and explains it beautifully. 

Here are his 7 Myths of Management:

  • The Myth of EMPOWERMENT
  • The Myth of FAIRNESS
  • The Myth of the JERK BOSS
  • The Myth of the NATURAL LEADER
  • The Myth of the HR POLICE
  • The Myth of TIMEhow to be a good boss management video training DVD

You can preview It’s Okay to Be the Boss management training video here.

Another great video training for managers:

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