The Gap in Leadership Development

Executive coach and best -selling author Marshall Goldsmith says, “If you ask the customers of business schools—today’s corporations—what their biggest critique is, they will tell you they want more focus on people, team building and interpersonal skills, and less training of technicians.  In fact, some schools act like they’re teaching a branch of physics as opposed to management,” Goldsmith told bizSanDiego magazine.

If organizations want to accelerate their business by effectively Marshall Goldsmith Effective Leadership Corporate Training Video DVDleveraging their employee talent to meet the broader, bottom-line goals and objectives of the business, they have to focus on the so-called “soft skills” of leadership and team building.  As baby boomers retire, HR must use a variety of approaches to ensure that the right employees with the right skills, training and experience are in the right jobs. Similarly, employees expect that a job includes opportunities to learn, take on new challenges, work collaboratively with others and benefit from rewards.

Success Television offers leadership skills videos  trainings with real-world high performance business leaders who teach leadership skills and team building to help accelerate your business the best way you can – through your people.

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